Meet Prince!

My first photo shoot!

Welcome to “”.  To all bird owners, I know that whatever the species they bring us joy and laughter every day.  A happy bird is a healthy bird,  just like a child, what you put into their development really enhances their life and ours.  The photo to the left was his photo shoot at “Petco”, he is a natural!

I rescued my Jenday Conure back in 2007, he was tossed away in my office mail slot.  True story, we went to open the lock box for our daily pick up of rent checks and there he was mixed in with all the envelopes.  My staff and I didn’t know what to do.  So we ran to the local Walmart bought a cage and some food.  When we took him out of the box, he was a beautiful bird a little scared and very hungry. That evening I took him to a Petco Store to find out what type of parrot he was and what were his needs.  They immediately told me his species and that he appeared to be in good health.  He immediately took to me, so we walked around the store, the salesperson helped me purchase a larger cage for him and the proper food.  We spent the next week getting to know each other, mind you I only had a parakeet when I was a kid, so I was unfamiliar with the needs of a Conure.

I took him to the veterinarian the next week, doctor said he was around 3 to 4 years old and seemed to be in good health.  He took blood work and I asked him to do his DNA so I would know his gender.  A couple of weeks later his birth certificate arrived…  “It’s a boy”.

I had to learn a lot, I bought books on how to teach him to talk and develop a relationship with my little guy.  Oh yea, had to pick a name for him.  Since he was found at my office, I asked everyone what should we name him?  Finally, I came up with “Prince”.

2 thoughts on “Meet Prince!

  1. Crystal kilpatrick says:

    Prince is such a lucky and special bird! He deserves the very best and you’ve given him that chance 😉
    I am very excited to see the new product up and running soon!

    • Sharyn says:

      Thank you Crystal for your feedback! I am very excited to share my experience on my new website and the new upcoming product! Stay tuned new exciting information will be posted to my site!

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