It’s A Relationship!

Considering adopting  a parrot- Caring for any pet is a responsibility, you build a relationship on trust, commitment and love.  Parrots can be wonderful companions, they are intelligent and very devoted to their owner.  Highly trainable and will show you unconditional love.  Of course this comes with time and dedication as any animal, we need to learn about them as they will learn about us.  As with many animals they have feelings and they learn to understand what we teach them.  If mistreated they will react just like any other animal, but show them love and lavish their cages with toys and comfort and you will see they will know just how much you love them.  I rescued my Conure 10 years ago and didn’t have a clue just how awesome he would be!

Before you adopt look into what species is best for you and read about them, it saddens me when I visit a pet store and on the outside of the cage is a tag that says “I Bite” not for sale!  So sad that he may spend his years in a cage because he was mistreated or neglected and he just doesn’t know how to be a great bird  with a great owner.  There are several great rescue organizations with beautiful birds just waiting for a great home! Through my personal experience I have noted several great teaching techniques and ideas for first time parrot owners.  Check it out on our website.

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