Cage Tips

Make cleaning your bird’s cage easier… here are a few great tips for larger bird cages.

Tip #1-I use a 39 gallon plastic trash bag for the pull out tray, simply pull out the tray and slide the bag over the tray, fold the ends under the tray and slide back into cage.  No more scrubbing the tray!  If you have smaller cages try smaller trash bags.

Tip #2– I found shipping paper works great for the top of the rack.  Place two sheets on top of the rack,  when ready to clean simply fold the paper together and throw away.  No more scrubbing the racks!  Shipping paper can be found at Walmart in the office supply isle.

Tip #3– Choosing the right size cage for your bird is important for their health, development and safety, especially bar spacing.  See below recommended guideline. If your bird species is not listed please check with your Avian Vet.  Remember make their cage their home!

Bar Spacing:

Small birds: Canary, Finch, Parrotlet, Parakeet, Lovebird, Budgies- Bar space no more than 1/2″.

Medium Birds: Cockatiel, Conure, Lory, Senegal, Ringneck Parakeets-Bar space no more than 5/8″.

Large Birds: African Grey, Amazon, Macaw, Cockatoo- 3/4″ to no more than 1 3/8″.

Have a tip you would like to share, leave a comment love to hear from you!